Project Management. Workshops, focus groups and training events.

Project management and its guidelines.

Definition: we define the work to be done. Planning: we develop a written plan that describes what we will do. Estimate: create a prediction of what it will take to do the job, especially in terms of cost and use of people.

Communication: Project Management Presumption: work closely with others to create a plan to ensure that all are committed to improve the plan or solve problems. It should assure that everyone understands what to do and good communication is a key tool. Monitoring: comparing what we do with what we wrote in our plan we can ensure that the project is continuing in the best way. Measurement: to manage a project in the best possible way should be measured as we are working. Reporting: reporting activity continues to help us specify exactly where we are with our project, progress and closure forecasts. Decision making: forms part of the management role. Support: means providing assistance and support to team members and their projects. Coordination: detail work to put together on the basis of staff individual capabilities. Take responsibility: for economic performance.

Successful Project Management embraces full awareness of the need for these 11 steps and skills

Workshops focus groups and training events.

In concordance with the guidelines set out of the project management, Maestrello builds and follows workshops for associations, organisations, companies, dealing not only the organisation of the event but also supporting our customers while conducting in-depth content analysis and the creation of the speakers' table, with national and international skills and partnerships with companies, associations, Italian and foreign universities, research institutes, consulting firms.

As from 2011 in collaboration with the University of Bologna, University of Cadiz, University of Venice, Dirse (CSR Association of Manger of which 35 Spanish companies are listed on the Stock Exchange), ADECCO Foundation, Methods, Manageritalia Services were created and still continue to create projects and research in 'the field of tourism and CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility)