Maestrello Consulting Mission statement

To broaden the areas of intervention of Project A3, in areas such as education, to include the identification of professional profiles, project management (particularly in tourism) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • define professional profiles and skills mapping.
  • create plans or training modules useful for successful integration of human resources in the company, especially the juniors.
  • start-up projects for new divisions, supporting the customer in designing the new organisational structure and research of professionals needed, focusing on the digital marketing and e-commerce sectors.
  • Market research and analysis, qualitative and quantitive measures
  • CSR projects (creation of the charter of values, choice of actions or initiatives)

All projects are outlined in the agreement with customers, defining objectives, budget and ROI measurement.

Ultimate goal is the application of models of process consulting, applied continuously within the organisation and enabling instruments for the growth of economic performance.