Digital marketing job profiles. Un servizio di alto livello per i manager del marketing

Today, businesses require professionals’ who are increasingly qualified and specialised in communication and marketing, with the main objective to increase their international visibility and the ability to intercept the demand for goods and services via a network.

Words or phrases such as keywords, seo, sem, pay per click, usability, link building, content, blogs, social media, crawling, rich media have become customary for managers or entrepreneurs who define business strategies and allocate investment budget for the tools of the internet world.

What are the most relevant positions for effective digital marketing activities? Here are some examples:

RESEARCH SPECIALIST: performs analysis activities using the main tool of web research. Produces scenario studies, patterns of audience behaviour, searches for specific targets and specific analysis commissioned by customers.

ONLINE MEDIA PLANNER: defines the division of the budget allocated to a specific campaign among the various media selected media (media planning), relates to the dealerships to contract the pricing of the spaces reserved adverts (media buying), and interacts with the customer and presents the media plan and for analysis and reporting.

SEM SPECIALIST/MANAGER: is responsible for the implementation, management and campaign optimisation search engine marketing, or gains visibility on search engines on a pay per click. For this role a good knowledge of Web Analytics tools is required.

SEO/WEB COPYWRITER: is responsible for the design, production and organisation of web content for customers. Writing skills are essential to produce clear and effective knowledge seo copywriting. Capacity planning activities are also a part of the role.

AFFILIATE MANAGER: take care of all the activities related to the management of an affiliate program, which is a form of advertising that emphasises performance allowing you to incur a cost only basis of the results obtained. Management of the network of publisher sites which gain visibility, to define models of remuneration of performance, performs activities of analysis and optimisation.

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