New consulting and training services from Manageritalia: inteAGEing and SmartWelfare

The international crisis, the unpredictable future production, recent reforms all contribute to a team unexpected revolution in the labour market:

  • New complexities: emerging markets, new challenges and new centres of power
  • New Matches: multigenerational, multicultural, multi-ethnic, gender diversity
  • New challenges: global, digitisation, consumerisation market
  • New needs: consumption emerging, individual buyers, innovative distribution

Maestrello offers companies consulting services and innovative and sustainable training,we can always bring measurable results, in terms of costs and revenues, for the customer or the end user, for example, InterAGEing, Smart Welfare.

InterAGEing: a pact between generations in the business.

Manageritalia is an Association of executives and managers, part of the trade, transportation and services that aim to identify, for each company, the best sustainable solution, to improve or maximise the productive interaction between generations, enabling the company to maintain competency and market position and avoiding dispersion.

4 different modules (handover, Company changes, Mentoring and Shadowing) actionable individually or all together, which remains within the company's organisational model as replicable educational tools.

Smart Welfare: productivity and well-being for a new world of work.

Like its predecessor, created from the idea and determination to make a contribution to the world of improving poor work practices. This way, it can improve or enhance employee’s well-being, encouraging a stronger impact on productivity.

The Team: Productivity and welfare consultants

Both projects include a management team of highly experienced professionals, both local and national level.

Manageritalia service delivery Certification

On the 1st July 2104, Maestrello was awarded with the official certification Manageritalia to provide counselling for both formats mentioned above.